Christmas Interiors and Others I

An assortment of holiday designs; interiors, still life, and many groups of people in the Christmas spirit. Traditional and historic scenes of an earlier America, with an occasional fantasy piece, such as Angels and Deer.

Madonna and Child

Window and Teapot

Kids Trimming The Tree


Kitchen Closet

White Cupboard

Kitchen Cupboard

Green Window

Wreath with Birds

Beacon Hill Carolers

Blue Window

Beacon Hill Stairs

Kitchen Window

Yellow Brick Window

Home for Supper

Carolers at the Door

Angels and Deer

Holy Family and Spruce

 Advent House web.jpg

Advent House

eight reindeer.jpg

Santa and Reindeer

Vermont Town

Hooper Mansion

Hearth with Cat

Holy family and Flock

Snowfall in the Village