Country Scenes II

More imaginative country scenes, with two pieces, Meriden Firehouse and Circum Rosa, inspired by Charlotte's hometown.

39 thomas parker tavern-lg book 93.jpg

Thomas Parker Tavern

60 lilies of the field-lg book 137.jpg

Lilies of the Field

10 Meriden firehouse book 33 .jpg

Meriden Firehouse

Beating the showers home (1) copy.tiff

Beating the Showers Home

33 Nantucket street book 81.jpg

Nantucket Street

cs_feedingchickens copy.jpg

Feeding the Chickens

10 a  Meriden firehouse book 33  detail.

Detail of Meriden        firehouse

mega_fish_dock_med 16.jpg

Fish Dock

13 circumrosa book 39 .jpg

Circum Rosa

Lovers by the Stream

Market Day