Christmas Scenes

A great variety of landscapes, mostly inspired by New England and its history. Subtle and imaginative touches of human presence enhance these scenes. Traditional dress and old-fashioned sleighs and carriages are the rule. Everyone is happy that it is Christmas.

Winchester Church

Vermont Church

Home Through the Pines II

Christmas Shopping Street

Small Shopping Street

General Store

Red Coach

Hand-hewn Barn

Holy Family in Large Barn

Christmas at Deep River

Winchester Street

Two Horse Hill

Last Minute

Providence Doorway

Marlborough Tavern

West Peak

Christmas in Vermont



Sleigh over White Bridge

Children's Service

Wallingford Barns

Hanging the Wreath

Distant House

On My Way Home

Evening Service

Off to Church

Over the River


In Hamburg

House at an Angle


Santa's On His Way

27 meridenlake-lg book 67.jpg

Meriden Lake


Higganum House Sleigh


Horse and Carriage